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Iron Horse

Iron horse, as the Indians called the old locomotives that crossed the meadows, unstoppable, solid and constant as Lou Gehrig is my first album full of songs that reflect part of my life and my learnings, is perhaps also a philosophy of life, you have to go forward, unstoppential without pause and against wind and tide.
In the photo of the album cover I appear sitting on the railroad tracks somewhere lost in the Midwest, a few meters from the Mississippi River and also very close to the remains of the ancient and mythical route 66... are paths, paths that can lead you in one direction or another, paths you must follow, paths like life itself.
This album gathers 8 songs of a style that I would simply like to rate as Rock, simple, unpretentious, solid and raw.
The vocals and guitars were recorded on a small 8-track device and the first problem arose...what about bass and drums?
 20 years ago I was playing at a rock fest in Medellin, Colombia and among the many bands that played there there was one that caught my attention, the band was called Tenebrarum and they did it frankly well, and I said to myself, "someday I'd like to play something with these people". Well, time passed and when a few months ago I was stuck about bass and drums for my album, I heard a song by a former singer of the band that I pertinented for many years and saw in the credits that had been mixed and mastered by J.C. Henaoo  in Area 51 studios, as I could I made contact and discovered that that person was one of the Tenebrarum musicians I had seen 20 years ago, finally after so long J.C. participated in the album as a musician playing bass and drums and also as a so engineer nest making the mix and master.
It was fate, without his help, maybe I wouldn't have been able to finish my work.
Finally I have to thank my Golden Girl, Evelyn, who has always been by my side supporting me and being in many cases my source of inspiration as happens in songs like Silky Gloves or Wise Guys.
No more words, Just here I present you friends my album, I just hope you enjoy it, long life rock!!!

Info album

All songs composed by Fred Marshall

Guitars: Fred Marshall

Voices: Fred Marshall

Additional voices in Wise Guys: Eve Gilmond

Bass: J.C. Henao

Drums: J.C. Henao

Keyboards: J.C. Henao

Guitars & Voices recorded by Fred Marshall

Bass, drums & keyboards recorded

by J.C. Henao.

Mixed & mastered by J.C. Henao at

Area 51 studios, Medellín, Colombia

Cover design by Fred Marshall

Photo by J.O. Bohrnstedt

Produced by

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Fred Marshall uses

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marshall logo copia.png
marshall logo copia.png
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