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Old Rockers Never Die

New album by Marshall

Old Rockers Never Die is the title of the new album recently released by guitarist and singer Fred Marshall, founder of Arkangel one of the pioneering bands of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock in Latin America and who currently leads his personal project MARSHALL.

This album is Fred Marshall's second as a solo artist and like the first, Iron Horse, contains 8 songs deeply rooted in the purest and most classic style of hard rock.

In his own words, Fred Marshall tells us that Old Rockers Never Die is an album where he pays tribute to the music that caught him in his childhood and that is still alive inside his soul.

The songs composed entirely by Fred Marshall tell us stories about mythical characters such as Joshua Norton, self-proclaimed emperor of the United States, Amelia Earhart pioneer of aviation and also addresses issues such as discrimination, about which he speaks in Wake America.

To make the album Marshall surrounded himself with very good musicians, such as Emmy Reyes, from Ancient Settlers and Blackbeer, Emil Reyes from Blackbeer ,  J.C. Henao from Cromlech and Evelyn Gilmond.

Recording sessions were held in Spain, France and Colombia and mixing and mastering was done by J.C. Henao at Area 51 studios in Medellín, Colombia.


Wake up America has been released by Fred Marshall through his own label M&G Releases and is available on major music platforms, such as spotify, deezer etc.

foto emmy.jpg
Emmy Reyes
foto juan Carlos_edited.jpg
J.C. Henao
foto Emil.jpg
Emil Reyes
Evelyn Gilmond
20200210_153302 (2).jpg
Fred Marshall

Album info

Fred Marshall          Lead singer and guitar on all songs

J.C. Henao                Bass and drums, guitar solo on "Old Rockers Never Die

                                  final guitar solo on "Burn The Ships"

Emmy Reyes            Guitar solo on "Wake up America"

Emil Reyes                Bass on "Wake up America"

Evelyn Gilmond        Chorus

Mixed and Mastered  by J.C. Henao at Area 51 Studios, Medellin, Colombia

Cover Art  by  Emmy Reyes and Fred Marshall

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