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Old Rockers never die

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I think these words define pretty well what can be say about me,
if you want to know about my music career just take a look  in my biography, if you want to know about me, keep that phrase in mind.
Yes, I'm an old rocker who still has ideas and things to communicate, the little poison  still runs through my veins, this poison was already inside me since I was a kid at school.
I remember I used to do my work with a melody inside my head that could be  Hey Jude of the Beatles or Satisfaction of the Stones.
  I've been lucky enough to play with good musicians since I started in the world of music, I was able to meet great bands, listen to my music on the radio, appearing in movies or on TV, and of course playing my songs to the audience at many concerts, but there came a day when I thought there were more important things in life than music... gross error.
And I traveled a lot, I left my world behind, I visited places I had always dreamed of, I invented a new life, I learned, but always deep in my mind there was something reverberating,
and in the end, after many years, it exploded when I took a guitar back into my hands.
It has been like meeting with an old friend, comfortable, fluid, as
if time hadn't passed, it's been the reunion with myself, with feelings that I thought were lost and that I can now share with you.
I never considered myself a great musician or a brilliant guitarist, I'm not a singer either, I'm just a person like you trying to say something, communicate something, and in my case I do it through my music.
I'm not trying to be a rock star, or becoming solid gold, I'm just trying to get someone to feel inspired or consoled with my work, if my music is listened to, even by only  one person
in this world, it will be worth it.

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