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Old Rockers Never Die


A year ago in an interview I was asked what rock meant to me, my answer was
that rock was a moment in time that touched us like a magic wand and reached our hearts when listening to a song, the sound of a guitar, a voice... that rock was like an ocean fed by great rivers, which in turn grew with the contribution
of small streams and that each musician, great or humble, who cultivated this music that so much
we love, it was like one of those little streams.
That's right, each of us, those who make the music, those who spread it, those who listen to it, have felt the flame of rock ignite in our hearts and keep it alive, we have grown and aged with this music, and the young people who also love rock, will one day be old rockers and keep this music alive and pass it on to future generations.
I wanted to contribute my little drop of water to the immense ocean of rock and so my friends, I present my second album Old Rockers Never Die, an album where I pay tribute to the music that caught me so many years ago and that I still carry inside my soul.

Album information


Fred Marshall

Lead singer and guitars on all songs

J.C. Henao

Bass, drums, guitar solo on "Old Rockers Never Die", final solo on "Burn the Ships"

Emmy Reyes

Guitar solo on "Wake up America"

Emil Reyes

Bass on "Wake up America"

Evelyn Gilmond

Chorus in all songs

All songs composed (Music & Lyrics) by Fred Marshall

Mixed & Mastered by  J.C. Henao at Area 51 Studios, Medellín, Colombia.

Art design by  Emmy Reyes & Fred Marshall.

Produced by  Fred Marshall & M&G Releases.

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Emmy Reyes
J.C. Henao
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Emil Reyes
Evelyn Gilmond
Fred Marshall
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