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In 1866 a cruel war was over in America, a war between brothers that ended the abominable practice of slavery in the land of freedom. However, more than 150 years later, deaths such as those of George Floyd or Daunte Wright and the violent protests that occurred show that the problem is still there, the conflict has not been resolved.

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Today there are other forms of slavery and discrimination, but deep down the victim is the same, the poorest human being. It happens everywhere in the world, this song could be called awake France, or England, or Mexico, but I've decided to make it wake up America.

 Why America? because from my point of view that land has assumed the role that Rome assumed in ancient times when it became the guardian and maximum propagator of the thought and values of Greek civilization, the basis of what we know as the lifestyle of Western civilization.

Fred Marshall

Bree es una fuente animada y destacada que se inspira en la escritura a mano. Seguramente captará la atención de tu lector, especialmente en párraf

America has done the same as Rome, being a land populated by immigrants mostly from Europe, became the repository of that Western lifestyle and by becoming a world superpower has spread that concept throughout the world... so if america awakens, it awakens the world.

Song info

Music & Lyrics by        Fred Marshall

Lead singer                  Fred Marshall

Guitars                        Fred Marshall

Guitar solo                   Emmy Reyes

Bass                            Emil Reyes

Drums                          J.C. Henao

Mixed & Mastered by   J.C. Henao at Area 51 Studios, Medellín, Colombia.

Art design by   Emmy Reyes & Fred Marshall.

Produced by    Fred Marshall & M&G Releases.


foto emmy.jpg

Emmy Reyes

foto Emil.jpg

Emil Reyes

foto juan Carlos_edited.jpg

J.C. Henao

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